Garden and Landscape Services

Services we provide for garden & landscape maintenance include (but are not limited to):

Lawn mowing -

Proper mowing is very important in keeping your lawn healthy. Grasses are like most plants if you cut the growing points the plants become denser.


Edging, trimming & Strimming -

The finishing touches of mowing, cutting a nice clean edge along a driveway or flower bed.

Strimming is a quick way of cutting down any out of control areas or edges. Can be used in preperation to mowing long grass or very helpful in those hard to reach areas of the garden. 


Hedge cutting and shaping -

Keeping your hedges cut makes your property look so much tidier and is essential for proper growth. We will cut or shape your hedges to any of your personal specifications.


Weeding -

Taking out the unwanted weeds, allowing your plants to grow through. A well maintained bed is the key to success of flower and plant growth.


Pruning -

The pruning of different plants happens at different times of the year and you prune using different methods to help the plants growth. It is necessary to control the plants growing patterns and to help them flower. If pruned incorrectly plants may not recover.


Leaf blowing -

Nobody likes a garden covered in leaves, our blowers make a quick job of clearing them away so you can see your lawn or drive again.


Garden Clearance -

Clearing overgrown gardens is the start of many a project

Garden Planning & Design -

We can help plan and design or 'makeover' exisiting / new gardens